Visitors to Vienna can save on art and history museum admission fees, by using combination tickets, or the cheap Jahreskarte for the Kunsthistorisches Museum collections.

The Kunsthistorisches Museum (Museum of Art History) collection includes seven of the top art and cultural sights in Vienna (Wien) and Innsbruck. The regular tickets are reasonably priced, given the awe-inspiring depth of some of these art collections, but discount combination tickets are also available to some of the top museums in Vienna. However, the Jahreskarte (annual ticket) for the Kunsthistorisches Museum (KHM) is a particularly cheap deal and even offers savings to short-term visitors to Austria. The Kunsthistorisches Museum collections are great family travel destinations too, with free admission for all children up to 18 years old.

The Museums and Art Galleries of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Austria
The Kunsthistorisches Museum includes seven separate museum complexes: Six of these museums are in Vienna, while Schloss Ambras Castle is in the outskirts of Innsbruck in Tirol.

The museums of the Kunsthistorisches Museum are:

The Kunsthistorisches Museum Haupthaus (Main Building); sometimes referred to as the Museum of Fine Arts; is one of the largest and most important art collections in the world. Closed on Mondays, ticket includes admission to the Neue Burg.
The Neue Burg is in the former imperial apartments, and the collections include a wealth of historical armour and weapons, historical musical instruments, and antiquities from Turkey. Closed on Tuesdays, ticket includes admission to the Haupthaus.)
The Schatzkammer (Treasury) with the crown jewels and insignia of the Holy Roman Empire, as well as the Austrian Habsburg dynasty. Closed on Tuesdays
The Wagenburg und Monturdepot (Carriages and Court Uniforms) are at Schloss Schönbrunn Palace and include around 170 royal carriages and a huge collection of nineteenth-century court uniforms and dresses.
The Museum für Völkerkunde (Ethnology) is one of the world’s largest collections of ethnographic objects, related mostly to non-European peoples. Closed on Tuesdays
The Österreichischen Theatermuseum (Austrian Theatre Museum) with around two million objects, is one of the largest collections of its kind. Closed on Mondays
Schloss Ambras outside Innsbruck in Tirol, is an interesting medieval and Renaissance castle complex with large armoury, curiosities, sculptures, and art collections.

Savings Tickets for the Kunsthistorisches Museum Collection in Austria
Regular admission fees for the Kunsthistorisches Museum are reasonable, given the vast size and enormous depth of most of these collections. However, cheaper discount combination tickets are available for visitors to the best art and historical collections in Vienna.
The most popular museums combination ticket is the Schätze der Habsburger (Treasures of the Habsburgs) ticket. This savings ticket combines admission with an audio guide to the Kunsthistorisches Museum Haupthaus, Neue Burg, and the Schatzkammer (Treasury).
The KHM Jahreskarte (annual ticket) gives a year of unlimited admission to all seven museums of the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

Children, even in school groups, enjoy the cultural treasures of the Kunsthistorisches Museum free of charge; The armouries and carriages are particularly popular with younger children.
Save with a KHM Jahreskarte on Art Galleries and History Museums in Vienna,
a great savings deal. Although the KHM Jahreskarte museum pass is aimed at local residents, the ticket can easily save short-term visitors money too. The annual ticket does not only give admission to the permanent collections but also to temporary exhibitions and many further cultural events. The annual ticket is available from any of the seven KHM museums.

The KHM Jahreskarte’s advertising claim of “29,000 m² of exhibition space, on 365 days, is not an empty promise. Although most of the museums in Vienna close one day a week, different days are used by the individual museums. Furthermore, most of the museums are open on public holidays, with the Haupthaus and Schatzkammer even open on Christmas and New Year’s Day.
The Haupthaus of the KHM has a pleasant coffee shop, but more famous and traditional Viennese cafés are but a short stroll away from most museums in Vienna.