Egg rolls, burritos, Thai lettuce wraps, and more; Your kids will love helping you make healthy wrapped and rolled foods, and you will love the easy clean up afterwards.
Most kids prefer to eat with their hands, and a lot of adults too. Why not eliminate unnecessary silverware, and hence dishes to wash, by serving up wrapped and rolled concoctions you and your kids will love.
Wraps are great when children want to help prepare lunch; they love that they can custom-build their own, and you can also turn dinner-making/cooking-instruction time into a geography lesson by trying versions from around the world:

1. Indonesian Loempia These are like large spring rolls, but with chicken or other meats as well as vegetables.

2. Mexican Burritos. The beauty of the burrito is you can choose from a plethora of tortilla styles and fill them with whatever your heart desires: beans, meat, grilled veggies, rice, sour cream, guacamole; it’s all up to you.

3. Vietnamese Salad Rolls. They look so fancy in the restaurants, but all you need are some rice paper sheets and traditional fillings like rice noodles, basil, pork, and shrimp. Wet the sheets, roll, and enjoy. These are quick; no cooking necessary if your meats are prepared ahead of time, or you buy prepped versions in stores.

4. North American Wraps. Fill a whole-wheat tortilla with your kids’ favourite sandwich toppings and you have an easy-to-grip meal, and no wasted crust. Fill them with plenty of meat; spicy or not, and you have a great lunch for the working man; easy to carry and to eat.

5. Thai Lettuce Wraps. Soft, succulent butter lettuce topped with a dollop of rice and sweet pork… yum! Again, you can fill these with whatever you want and adjust the spice to suit your tastes.

Kids are more likely to eat foods they have a hand in making, so stop kicking them out of the kitchen and let them help! Cultivate healthy eating and a love of cooking now, and it’ll follow them through life.