When it is freezing outside, walking into a home with a roaring fire going is pure bliss. A fireplace is a wonderful place to sit around on a cold winters night, with a cup of steaming hot cocoa and a good book, whether it is open hearths or electric wall mounted fires. The smell of burning wood that emanates from fireplaces is a comforting smell, and makes you feel cozy. It is no wonder people are investing in a fireplace to raise the value of their homes before putting them on the market.

Since time began, human beings have been drawn to flames as they have a tendency to make you feel welcome and are quite often a cause for celebration, think Guy Fawkes night. The warmth. the dancing flames and the beauty of roaring fire nestled in the safety of a fireplace also has romantic connotations. Think of any number of movies where fireplaces were involved and there was usually some sort of romantic interlude going on.

A fireplace is just not for indoors though. If you enjoy barbeques and love to entertain, there are many different types of outdoor fireplaces, firepits or chimineas. When dining outside on those end of summer nights when the weather is just starting to cool down, an outdoor fireplace is invaluable, you and your guests can still enjoy dinner without that Autumn chill.

When Winter has gone and the fireplace has been cleaned out ready for next year, it can still be put to perfectly good use. There are many ideas for using fireplaces out of season. Putting plants, pine cones, or a favourite picture in the hearth is a way for your fireplace to still be functional even when out of season.