Looking for a suitable SEO consultant in London for your business may at first seem pretty daunting.  A quick look at the search results in any search engine for ‘SEO consultant’ reveals hundreds and even thousands of pages.  With so many different agencies and individuals offering seemingly the same services, it can be hard to work out which is best for your business.

As SEO is very important for your internet business, you should not just entrust your SEO strategy to the first SEO consultant you come across.  You need to think carefully and weigh up a number of important factors.  The tips below have been gathered to help you make a more informed decision when opting for an SEO consultant.

Assess Whether They Have Adequate SEO Knowledge Or Not

One of the main things you need to look at is whether or not a specific SEO agency or consultant has sufficient knowledge of SEO and the industry in general.  Rather than just one small section.  Observe how focus they come across during the initial meeting.  Ask yourself if you think they know what they are talking about from experience or just reciting information they have stolen.  While it would be unrealistic to expect a comprehensive walk-through of everything about SEO, they  should be able to speak about the current condition of your website and how to optimise it.

Get Quotes To Compare Different Prices

It is important, just as it when you making purchasing decisions in general, to seek out a selection of quotes from various SEO consultants.  This industry is a highly competitive one, so it makes sense to get quotes from various companies and consultants before deciding which is best for you.   You should be cautious with SEO companies that offer alarmingly low rates, as it may be indicative of the type of service you will get.

Find Out Where They Get Their Content

As anyone involved in modern SEO and digital marketing knows, content is still very much king.  Therefore, an SEO consultancy firm should see content as crucial to any digital marketing campaign.  It is important that you find out whether they will be providing the content from an in-house writer/writing team, handling the writing duties themselves or outsourcing this work.  In either scenario, you should ask for samples of the writing content, to see whether it is up to scratch or not.

Ask About Status Reporting

Most SEO consultants offer their clients status reports, either monthly or quarterly and often an end of year report too.  The type and frequency of reports provided varies from London SEO consultant to consultant.  As you are paying for their services, it is only right that they provide updates to show you whether you need to change tact or your SEO strategies are successful.

It is unlikely you will get results straight away that will show anything substantial, but it is vital that there is constant communication between you and those handling your SEO campaigns.

Look At Their Track Record

Last, but by no means least, you should look carefully at their track record.  How long have they worked in the industry?  Do they have a portfolio or any testimonials from happy clients they have worked with in the past?  This information will often be available on their website, or upon request.

Though it is not exactly a walk in the park, finding the right SEO consultant for your business will be easier if you follow the tips above.