Learn to Be a Good Football Striker: The Skills Goal-Scoring Forwards Must Possess
The strikers job in soccer is unique, because it’s the only position in which players are encouraged to take risks, be greedy, and think ‘attack’ almost all the time.

If a soccer player has an intense desire to score and create opportunities; then striker will be the position for him.
However, playing forward is not all glory and goals: It entails long runs, moving the ball, thinking quickly, and being under constant pressure from defenders.
There is a set of unique skills; intangibles; that a striker must possess, in order to be the best at his position.

Always Think Attack
A good forward needs to do just that; go forward: With or without the ball, coaches should encourage strikers to test the opposing team’s back line. One way to do this is to vary the type of runs a striker makes by making diagonal, curling, far post, and penalty spot runs.
If a forward has made the defence change what they are doing in order to defend him, then he has done a good job.
One of the things that can really help a striker be in constant “attack mode” is a good first touch, which is essential to a goal-scorers game.
As a striker, a player will have the sometimes thankless job of trying to receive balls on long runs that are airborne, inaccurate, or at a pace that’s generally difficult to control. The better your touch is, the quicker you can get the ball on target.

Conditioning and Fearless Shooting
Soccer players, especially goalkeepers, will often joke that strikers and forwards are the laziest players on the field; only running when they have a chance to score. The truth is, good strikers are constantly running. They may be making a curling run to the post, a diagonal run up the middle, or even a 50-yard sprint down the touchline. On top of this, a striker is also making numerous runs throughout the course of the match, when the ball won’t even be played to him.
This comes with the territory of the position: A striker simply can not stop running because goals are so hard to come by, and a team can’t afford to pass up potential shots.
Strikers may get frustrated with this aspect of the position at times, but when the ball ends up in the back of the net, it is worth it.

Of course, no goals are scored unless shots are taken: Strikers should be encouraged to have a go any time they have an open view of the net. Many young players do not shoot unless the goal is wide open, but scoring opportunities are so seldom, that a player should always try to create opportunities for himself and take a risk.