Many individuals are calling my neighbour these days. He owns a loft conversions Richmond firm, and lots of homeowners need a conversion done on their property in order to make more room for them and their family. Many individuals have changes in their life and need to create more room in which to store things. Maybe they will have children or maybe they will develop more possessions that need storing. A loft conversion can be a great way in which to make more space within the property.

If you want to carry out a loft conversion then you will not usually need to require planning permission. However, there are some situations where you may need to incorporate some form of planning permission. This may include the fact of whether your property is a flat or maisonette, as well as the information regarding whether your property is in a space of natural beauty, whether it has been listed or whether it is based in a conservation area. The reason being that it can often be complex carrying out planning and construction within these areas. In this situation you will need to require a letter that outlines lawful development and you will need to apply for this letter so as to allow for the loft conversion to take place. Once this has been carried out a professional building team will be able to assist you and develop the planning into a full-blown project and follow through into a complete completed loft conversion.

Building regulations may also be needed and these are often laid out in the building standards which have been designed by the government and have been put in place so that individuals can create developments that are acceptable. Once you have design planning which meets these guidelines, you will then need a certificate so that you can show proof that you have carried out your planning in line with the building standards. You will then be visited by a building inspector who will carry out a check on the project to make sure that it fits in with the requirements of the document of building regulation.